Tips to Eliminate Refined Sugar


In order to eliminate refined sugars, you need to have a plan. Listed below are ways to eliminate refined sugar from your diet:


1. Cut down on sugary beverages =:  There are many sugary beverages you need to avoid, such as fruit juice, fruit drinks, energy drinks, coffee drinks, sweetened waters, and soft drinks. In fact, most apple juice in our markets can be a combination of 100 percent sweetener from the concentrated fruit juice and apple flavoring. Most Manufacturers often present it as 100 percent apple juice. One big problem is that the size of these drinks can be deceptive. This can also be a way in which more calories and sugar can enter your diet without you knowing it.


A 12-ounce serving of a sugar-sweetened beverage is about 150 calories. The problem is that people hardly ever drink one serving of a sugary beverage. In movie/cinema theaters, convenience stores, and fast food chains, these beverages are offered in servings that contain between 300 and 500 calories. Even cutting just one portion per day can result in a loss of six pounds in 6 months and 1.4 pounds after 18 months.


That may not sound like a large amount, but you need to remember that most people are not drinking just one serving per day. About half of us drink sugary beverages every day and, within this half, around 25 percent drink two hundred or more calories from these beverages.

If you really like sugary beverages, this is because they aren’t a part of your new way of eating. It’s not recommended that you let even lesser amounts of them into your diet. They have no intrinsic value other than giving you gratification.


Make a list of all of the sugary beverages you consume and develop a plan for substitutes so you don’t feel like cheating. Pour the ones you have down the sink and remove them from your shopping list.



2. Cut down on junk food and sweets:=  You’ll find these foods at fast food restaurants, sporting events, and vending machines. You’ll also find them lining the shelves of your pantry. In fact, they are most likely a fuel for your addiction. It’s essential to identify the sources of needless sugars in your diet and keep them out of the pantry.

This means that you’ll have to remove sweet foods from your diets, such as ice cream, candy bars, cookies, and cakes, as well as salty foods and savory foods, such as pretzels, popcorn, and chips. This includes buttery crackers, caramel-containing rice cakes, fruit bars, some energy bars, and even granola bars that are high in sugar.


You know what junk foods are when you see them and, if you’re in doubt, it’s most likely to be junk food. These foods really have no place in a diet that is geared for wellness. Much like sugary beverages, they are likely working against you. To get rid of junk foods from your diet, you need to take them off your grocery list.

Some people can eat more junk food during this stage and be okay; however, you may need to reduce your intake more slowly and get rid of one item at a time. If you eat a lot of junk food, make a list of those foods you tend to overeat before figuring out which ones have a high sugar content. You can then decide which ones should be gotten rid of first.

The key to cutting out sweets is to replace them with healthy alternatives by substituting them with foods that are healthy for you.



  3. Decrease hidden sugars:=  Condiments, sauces, and dressings add flavour to your food, but they also add sugars that can work against your weight-loss objectives and good health. The key is learning to read labels and moderation. Diet foods are also a concern. Many foods labelled as “no-fat”, “low fat” and “diet foods” just replace the fat with more carbs in the form of sugar. We see “low fat” and think this is a healthier option, but if “low fat” is the same as “high sugar,” then you need to avoid them.

There are also products on the market that are sugar-free, which are appealing to those people who are trying to restrict their intake of sugar or are diabetic.


Be cautious with these foods as well, while they may be sugar-free, they may still have many fast-metabolizing carbs in them. Therefore, eating whole food is your best option, because you can be sure that you are not eating hidden sugars or other harmful ingredients.



4. Decrease starches:=  While you have already decreased the amount of simple carbohydrates you are taking in, such as sugar from soft drinks, cutting down on complex carbohydrates, such a rice, pasta, and bread may be necessary. Complex carbohydrates affect your blood sugar in ways that can affect your weight and when eaten in excess can raise blood sugar levels causing insulin spikes.

Eating too many carbs causes out of control cravings, and the need for more carbs. Before you know it, you are still hungry because your body rapidly digested the food and you want more. This means that the ups and downs will continue to occur.


There is a way to take control. You need to lessen your intake of any carbs that you are eating too much of. The process of cutting back on rice, pasta, and bread will probably take more time because many people are dependent on complex carbs as the primary foods in many of their meals. Instead of having a sandwich for lunch or toast for breakfast, you may instead decide to eat fruit and eggs for breakfast and a green salad with chicken (no croutons) for lunch.

A good plan is to list the carbohydrates you are likely to overeat the most and then take them out of your diet one at a time. Once you take something out of your diet, take them out for good.



High sugar cereals should be eliminated and replaced with whole oats, and sugar-free high fiber cereals but in small portions. Replace all white starches, like rice and pasta with whole grain varieties, such as brown rice and quinoa. Limit your pasta to whole grain varieties and enjoy them no more than twice per week. After a while, you should use a vegetable, instead of pasta. Squash is a good substitute.


By making slight changes as you and staying on track, you’ll see that you can transit to a new way of eating without much difficulty.


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