Laughter: How does it affect the Overall Health?

Laughter is a response to humor. When you hear the sound of laughter, you can’t help but smile and laugh yourself. Hence, it can be infectious. When laughter is shared among others, it causes a binding between people and increases both intimacy and happiness, making people comfortable with one another and feel open and free.


The physical process of Laughter:

During laughter, the respiratory system is intermittently disturbed by the epiglottis, closing the larynx halfway so that air intake becomes irregular, making us gasp (struggle for breath). The mouth also begins opening and closing, struggling for oxygen intake in unity with the respiratory system.

In a situation where the laughter intensifies, the tear ducts are activated and the eyes become moist with tears.


Biological Process of laughter:

Have you heard that laughter is helpful to those coping with major illness and the stress of life’s problems? Yes, that is a fact. It can basically bring a balance to all the components of the immune system, which helps us fight off diseases.

Laughter reduces the levels of certain stress hormones by providing a safety valve that shuts off the flow of stress hormones that takes action when our bodies experience anger, stress or uncomfortable situations. These stress hormones are destructive, in that they suppress the immune system and increase the number of blood platelets which can cause obstructions in arteries, thereby raising the blood pressure. When we are in the laughing process, the natural killer cells that destroy tumors and viruses increase.

Laughter triggers healthy bodily changes, which in turn creates healthy changes in the mind. Laughter can increase your energy level, lessen pain, strengthen the immune system, and protect people from stress.


Laughter is Strong Medicine

Laughter can be a strong antidote to conflict, pain, and stress. , it can be said to be one of the best medicine because it is free, fun, and easy.

There is nothing else that works more dependable or quicker to bring your body and mind into balance than laughter. The use of humor can lighten emotional and psychological burdens, connect you to others, inspire your hope, keep you at alert and focused.

With this ability to renew your health and heal you, laughter can be a great resource for whatever problems you may have. It can also strengthen your relationships and can improve wellbeing.


How Is Laughter Good For Your Health?

Laughter can have many health benefits which include the following:

  • Laughter can increase your immune system. It can decrease the level of stress hormones within the body and increase the number of immune cells and antibodies you have, which will help you become more resistant to diseases.
  • Laughter is relaxing. A wonderful laugh can relieve you of stress and physical tension by relaxing your muscles.
  • Laughter releases endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s feel-good hormones. When your endogenous endorphins are released, you feel a sense of well-being and a reduction in the sensation of body pain.
  • Laughter can help the heart. Laughter can increase the ability of the blood vessels to nourish all parts of the body. It can increase your blood flow, which in turn can help prevent heart attacks and other types of heart diseases.


Laughter Can Help Your Emotional Health

Laughter simply makes a person feel good. This good feeling persists even when you are done laughing. Laughter helps you maintain an optimistic, positive stance so you can get through situations of disappointments, loss and other complicated situations.

Laughter is more than just a protection against pain and sadness. It gives you the strength and courage to find other sources of hope and meaning. Even when you find yourself in the most difficult of times, laughter or even a smile can take you far when it comes to feeling better. Laughter really is a bit transmittable. When you hear someone else laugh, it primes your brain and sets you up to join that person in laughing too.


Laughter and Mental Health

Laughter is associated with better mental health. Some things laughter can do to improve your mental health include the following:

  • Laughter allows you to relax. A good laugh can lessen stress and increase your energy levels so that you can remain focused and get more things accomplished.
  • Laughter shifts your perspective. It allows you to see things in a less threatening and more realistic light. Being humorous helps create a psychological distance between you and stressful events so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed.
  • Laughter lessens fear and worry. When this happens, joy is added to our life.


Laughter has Social Benefits              

Laughter creates team spirit and oneness – This, in turn, strengthens relationships, as it becomes stronger and triggers positive emotions and an emotional connection with those you are laughing with.

A positive bond develops – Laughter can act as a powerful buffer against disappointment, disagreements, and stress when you laugh with others, this is a more powerful thing than when you laugh alone.


How to Create More Opportunities to Laugh

Here are some things you can do or try to increase your chances of laughing:

  • Attend a comedy shows like “AY Show”, “Night of a Thousand Laugh” etc
  • Watch funny videos on television and on YouTube
  • Read the comics in the magazine/newspaper
  • Be with people who are naturally humorous and stay away from angry people
  • Share a funny story or joke with another
  • Read funny stories
  • Play games with your friends
  • Play with your pet
  • Play with children
  • Do something you think is silly
  • Engage in activities you consider fun

Laughter can do a lot to help you feel better on a physical, emotional, and cognate level. Don’t be afraid to share a good laugh with others for all-around better health.

Let the Laughter Flow


  1. Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a
    sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her
    ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely
    off topic but I had to tell someone that the smile on my face brought Laughter. Thanks a million!

  2. This is such a comprehensive post on how to comment on blogs for newbies. I am going to share this with my Merry band of picture book authors. This is not, by a long shot, my first time commenting on a blog, but it is my first time commenting on yours. 🙂 Thank you for such great information!

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