How Secure is your Home?

How Protected is your Home?

This is one question that is not often asked by home owners. Today, WellBeingDigest is set to address and refresh our memory on things we must do and have, so that our wellbeing is not jeopardized.  The absence of this question creates a loop hole for criminals to operate. It is one thing to have or own a home; it is another thing to secure the home.

Permit me to analyse what happened in a home I once lived. Some years ago, I was resident in a two Storey building at the end of the Street neighboured by a surrounding fairly swampy area. The Land lord occupied the top floor, one tenant at the ground floor, then I the middle floor. The compound also had another lengthy one storey building with about six occupants. I noticed on different occasion that there was a wooden ladder left unattended in the open space of the compound. Hence, I often told the land lord to ensure the wooden ladder is kept from the public after each use. My advice was not always adhered to. This situation along with some other social challenges I was facing soon made me to pack out as I got another home.

Some few months after I left the above apartment, an information from the house agent reached me that criminals went into the compound on night when everyone where asleep, used the wooden ladder and climbed to the middle floor, tore the mosquito net to the window, and because the window was not having a burglary proof, the criminals gained access into the home with an occupant. According to him, the sliding glass window was not often locked especially at night when the temperature was high. The occupants never anticipate any danger as there was no fear of an invader climbing that high.  The criminals carted away with some properties of high value but without hurting the occupant even though he was not aware anything happened until morning.

WellBeingDigest believe in learning from incidence. No one will want to be victim from which people will learn such an ugly incidence for their benefit. Therefore, incidence like this brings out some learning points.

Furthermore, one other best way to secure your home is to have a check list as follows:

  • Lighting system: Light up the outdoor and at night, ensure that the intensity of the light up indoor is lower than the outdoor. If you don’t adhere to this principle, you may be tempting intending criminal to sight your valuables inside the house.
  • Hook up or lock up ladders/ climbing equipment: From my story above, you will agree with me that the cause of the ugly incidence was the ladder was carelessly kept. The criminals that perpetrated that act took advantage of the ladder.
  • Keep low profile: This is very popular with Africans that flaunt their wealth to the public. This act is crime-inviting, especially if your status is far higher than the people in your immediate society. Avoid anything that will bring about advertising your home. Don’t advertise you are away from your on social media. One good way to avoid all these is to make it difficult for others to study and conclude on your routine timetable
  • Hide all spare keys: Spare keys that are carelessly kept can be taken away, duplicated and finally returned by criminals. When this is done, it can take a long time before a break-into-the-house takes place so as to suspect no one.

    Burglar with a key
  • Prevent children from speaking to strangers: Criminals or intruder can pave their way into your home through information gathered from children/under age. They can also entice these minors with snacks, sweets etc. in exchange for valuable information. Parents should have a check on how their children use the social media via the internet (online safety).
  • Access to Police contacts: Most people or home owners do not have a local knowledge of their neighbourhood, talk more of Police contacts. Hence, don’t know the phone number to call during an attempt to invading a home. See the Police as your friend and obtain their contact.
  • Question or report all strange movement: When you see strange person or persons loitering around your home, what do you do? Let them be, or report to local Security Watch/Police? Criminals often take their time to study an environment before executing their plan. Finally, on this note, it is necessary you know your neighbours.
  • Hidden Security camera: Some people think CCTv is very expensive or not within the reach of the common man. This is one reason you only find them the dwelling places of the rich. But I wish to disabuse this mind set, and make you understand that there are affordable Security cameras. Carry out your research and contact a Security expert.
  • Lock all access: Ensure that all windows and doors are well constructed and locked accordingly when leaving your home for other activities. Where possible, install panic alert in case doors and windows are to be force open.
  • Keep a Dog: Keeping scary dogs often deter criminals by barking. But to ensure that your dog do not harm innocent neighbours, ensure it is chained. If criminals are at sight, the barking dog alerts you of possible intrusion.  





In case you are away, your good relationship with your neighbours can bring about alerting the Police.

Your Security begins with you.

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